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Location is the major competitive advantage of Naxos Skyline Villas!


The luxury villas  of Naxos Skyline sit atop a hill which features dramatic and picturesque blue Aegean and nearby island of Paros, Stelida Lake, the salt flats near Naxos Airport and a portion of the magnificent Chora of Naxos. The views from the villas are magnificent and the dramatic sunsets are always beautiful sights to behold from this height! Set against the peaks of several high hills, hiking from the villas to the hill tops provide even more inspiring views of Naxos' northwestern coastline. From the infinity pool and front-facing verandas, guests can look out over the fields of various trees and crops, the small community of homes surrounding the Chora and, always, the Sea. Although the villas offer a commanding vista of the landscape, the Chora, Port and all of their restaurants, sights, shopping, transportation and entertainment are only three kilometers — a five-minute drive — from the serenity of your Naxos Skyline perch.

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