Luxurious Villas in Naxos

Luxurious Villas

in Naxos


Sightseeing from Heaven

The Naxos Skyline Villas are here to create memorable experiences promising an elegant, relaxing and convenient stay. The skyline sea view, our personalised services and our Mediterranean cuisine complete perfectly our concept for the most unique vacation you could dream with your family or your friends.

We are in a constantly search for unique experiences, those ones which enlivens the senses, instill well-being and enable guests to have a lifetime memories with their beloved ones

Luxurious wooden sunbeds in the private pool of the luxury villas from Naxos Skyline

Villa Infinity

Villa Infinity combines elegant design, exclusive amenities and personalized services in the most lavish way. Yet the details are what truly distinguish our Villa, from the exclusivity and privacy, to the rejuvenated design story that honors the Island's heritage. Just a 5-minute drive far from NaxosTown, Villa Infinity is the best option to explore the city and the culture of the island.

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The exterior of the luxury villas from Naxos Skyline

Villa Horizon

Villa Horizon is a family ideal villa. A home away from home, for families who are seeking additional space, exclusive amenities and private pool to enjoy their vacation with their beloved ones.

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Breathtaking view from the private pool in the luxury villas of Naxos Skyline

Summer Experience

Traveling with your beloved ones, your accommodation in Naxos has to be amazing. This is something we take very seriously in Naxos Skyline, our guests’ unforgettable experience. Naxos Skyline guests can expect traditional Naxian hospitality, expert touring advice and planning assistance and the unique opportunity to dine on high-quality Mediterranean cuisine in the privacy and comfort of your very own luxury villa!

Lavish wooden sunbeds in the luxury villas of Naxos Skyline

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